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Eco Plug Tree Stump Killer
Eco Plug Tree Stump Killer Ref: RT-9979934 x 100
The new effective way to solve a ‘growing’ problem.

Each Ecoplug Max contains 300mg of formulated glyphosate herbicide.

Trees growing close to tennis courts (also buildings, roads, powerlines, bridges, amenity areas and heritage sites) can be a problem. When felled, such trees will continue to grow and new shoots will grow from the stumps unless treated. This can result in substantial foliage re-growth.

Ecoplug Max provides a simple and effective way to kill the root system of the target tree stump with no effect on surrounding trees.

The plug contains a herbicide, which is enclosed within a plug. When inserted into the tree stump, the herbicide is released which results in the kill of the entire root system. Because the herbicide is contained within the tree stump, it has no effect on surrounding trees or vegetation and, will not affect humans, animals or the wider environment.

Ecoplug Max has a high efficacy rating of 95-100% and its selective method of herbicide release will reduce the use of chemicals by 90%, compared to traditional methods.


Step 1: Cut the tree as close to the ground as possible.
Step 2: Identify the tree Group, measure diameter of stump cut face, Calculate the number of plugs required.
Step 3: Drill into the stump using a 13mm wide drill bit to a depth of 30mm. (A special drill for this purpose with a stop plate at 30mm can also be supplied).
Step 4: Place an Ecoplug in the hole with the orange end first. The top will protrude by about 10mm.
Step 5: Hit the Ecoplug with a hammer until the head is flush with the stump. The impact will to push out the sides of the plug in the stump and the herbicide is released.

Contains: 300mg glyphosate (each plug). MAPP No: 14741.

Our Price: 190.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)