Sports Surface Cleaning

Long Handle Divot Fork
Long Handle Divot Fork Ref: HA-GGT-931
The Long Handled Divot Fork is designed to minimise the effort required of groundsmen when repairing divots on your pitch.
The extended ash handle feature allows you to attend to divots on all sports surfaces with ease, consigning back ache and straining to the past!
The tines are manufactured by hand in Holland from robust stainless steel to allow careful and precise repair work to be carried out on uplifted turf.

Fork head and tines easy to control.
Hand forged stainless steel head.
Helps eliminate back ache, bending and straining.

Long Handled Sneeboer Fork tines measure 10cm in length.
Ash handle measures 95cm in length.
Overall length is 105cm.

Our Price: 63.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)