Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Grit - 6 x 25kg bags
Tennis Court Grit - 6 x 25kg bags Ref: DA-GG-6
2mm grey green granite granules supplied in 25kg bags x 6.

Used on a grey-green (emerald) grit court to provide a degree of slippage to mimic natural grass they eventually become too rounded with use and need to be replaced with fresh angular stones.

These stones are quarried in Wales then shipped to a specialist processor where they are crushed, screened to the required size, washed, dried and bagged then sent on to our warehouse.

Known as 'Gra Green Grit' and 'Grey Green Grit' simply because of the colour differentiation when wet and dry.

Our Price: 145.50
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


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