Harrod UK Goalposts

Rio Olympics

Harrod Goalposts are in action at the Olympics and as an approved supplier we offer the complete range of Harrod UK Sports Equipment.  This includes an extensive range of football goals, rugby posts, hockey goals, netball posts and much more.

If you are not sure which goal meets suits your requirements then we can provide advice based on many years of experience in the field.  Our customers range from large organisations and clubs to the private individual and we are happy to say we have many repeat customers so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Harrod Hockey goals at Rio 2016

Harrod hockey goals at Rio2016

Rio 2016 Olympics

Harrod hockey goals are now installed at Rio in preparation for the upcoming Olympics.

Harrod staff have been working since 14th July on the warm-up and games pitches as part of the build-up to the games.

As you can see in the background, work is still ongoing on the stands, but at least the Harrod goals will be looking the part!

Well done guys, you can leave the heat in Rio and come on back to… oh, wait up, it’s not that cool over here at the moment!


If you would like details on Harrod hockey goals and equipment, please contact Grimshaw Sports on 01242-513251 and we’ll be happy to help.

Wooden Tennis Posts


If you are looking for something a bit special then take a look at these lovely wooden tennis posts.

They are crafted from oak and finished with three coatings of varnish, brass engraved plates and stainless steel net hooks. • The winder end post is fitted with a heavy duty brass winding mechanism and pulley wheel whilst the anchor end post has a stainless steel hook to capture the loop on the tennis net’s headline wire.

These posts have been supplied worldwide and are used at numerous prestigious clubs including the All England Tennis Club, Queens Club and Stoke Park.

Tennis Court Grit


This semi-loose grit surface is rated by many players as the very best to play on. With the slight give in the surface, it is said that it is like having a well-prepared grass court available for play throughout the year.

With a method of construction pioneered by Grimshaw Sports over 50 years ago, 60% of the grit dressing is bonded to the porous surface to provide grip underfoot. The remainder is left loose to provide a slight degree of “slip”.

An excellent surface for private tennis courts with benefit that it can be “adjusted” to suit your style of play as the proportion of loose grit changes the speed of the play, height of bounce and degree of slip.

Now is a good time to top up your court. The grit eventually becomes too rounded with use and needs to be replaced with fresh angular stones.

These stones are quarried in Wales then shipped to a specialist processor where they are crushed, screened to the required size, washed, dried and bagged then sent on to our warehouse.

Known as ‘Gra Green Grit’ and ‘Grey Green Grit’ simply because of the colour differentiation when wet and dry.  Available here.

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Clean Tennis Court



If you have a problem with moss and algae on your court then you can buy Qualgex here.

After extensive trials, Grimshaw Maintenance has identified Qualgex as the best product for the surface treatment of hard surface tennis courts and grit tennis courts.


Gloucester vs Exeter 16-9

Gloucester Rugby


Congratulations to Gloucester for breaking the losing streak!

It wasn’t a classic game, weather conditions were fairly dire, with driving drizzle and rain throughout the fixture.
I think it’s fair to say that both teams butchered scoring opportunities in a scoreless first half, with the wet ball hampering handling efforts.

Come the second half (and another pint of Stowford Press to keep the chill out), Gloucester and Exeter started the scoresheet ticking over, with several penalties keeping Exeter in touch. But a converted try for Glawster and three penalties sealed the match, and the sending off of Jack Nowell made certain of the result.

Naturally, the hinged Harrod UK rugby posts featured strongly in the game, provided a reliable target, even if the kicking was hampered by the gusting wind.

How to choose your Rugby Posts


There are a wide range of rugby posts available varying in height from 5m through to 17m, manufactured from aluminium or steel and erected in traditional sockets or using a hinge system.

If you are just looking for something for the garden then we recommend either the 5m Aluminium Mini Rugby Posts (HA-RUG-213). Alternatively if you would like a combined rugby and football goal then either the Mini Aluminium Gaelic Supergoal available in sizes 3m x 1.83m (HA-GAL-010) or 3.66m x 1.83m (HA-GAL-014) or the Samba combined Football/Rugby posts (SA-G10) – all can be purchased as a single goal.

Larger combination Football/Rugby posts that are suitable for use on sports fields where space is at a premium are also available (HA-FBL-235 senior) or (HA-FBL-236 junior).

When it comes to height, as a general guide 6m, 7m and 9m rugby posts are suitable for schools and junior level club rugby. 10m and 11m are standard club goals. 12m and 13m are premier club level goals and 17m are the ultimate posts. 17m Hinged Millennium Rugby Posts are installed at prestigious venues such as Twickenham, Murrayfield and the Aviva Stadium. Basically the taller the uprights the easier it is to judge whether or not the ball has passed between the posts.

All rugby goals can be purchased singularly and spare/replacement uprights, crossbars, sockets and drop-in-lids are available.

When it comes to deciding whether to go for steel or aluminium rugby posts then the main points to consider are:
– Steel rugby posts tend to cost less than aluminium.
– Aluminium rugby posts are lighter than steel so are easier to install and handle.
– Aluminium has a higher scrap value which can make it more liable to theft.
– Aluminium posts are easier to maintain especially in coastal areas as they are inherently corrosion resistant.

The final consideration is whether to choose socketed or hinged posts.

Socketed posts are the ‘traditional’ type of rugby posts, with the upright sitting directly into the ground socket. The erecting and dismantling of socketed rugby posts should only be undertaken by a suitable number of professionals.

A hinged fixing option enables a safer and easier installation, allowing the posts to be erected and lowered in a slower, more controlled manner. If you already have socketed posts then Hinge Adaptors can be used in order to convert them into hinged posts – please contact us at Grimshaw Sports for details.

To make the process even easier for hinged rugby posts, we offer either a Hinged Post Assembly Roller (HA-RUG-002) designed to be mounted onto an appropriate tractor roll bar using two heavy duty ‘U’ bolt brackets or a Hinged Rugby Post Lifter (HA-LFT-002) which can be fitted on either side of a tractor using the 3-point linkage.

Rugby posts should be lowered to protect them from damage / failure by high winds.

When installing rugby posts, great care should be taken to ensure that sockets are held firmly in place with an appropriate size concrete foundation, as specified by the post manufacturer.

All rugby posts should have post protectors fitted to each upright but this is especially so with hinged posts, as the hinge plate projects beyond the post at ground level. They can be made to suit your specific requirements and can be screen printed with sponsor’s or club name.

Additional items available include, Rugby Platforms, Hinge Security Bolts, Corner flags, Line Marking Machines and Paint.

If you would like to discuss your requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us:      01242 513251

Six Nations Grand Slam – Mind The Post

Photo courtesy of the Irish Examiner

Photo courtesy of the Irish Examiner


Fantastic job there England! Congratulations on the Six Nations Grand Slam!

All in all, an excellent recovery after the embarrassment of the World Cup. Hopefully that will answer the detractors in the best way possible. It has certainly silenced our Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Italian and French friends. Very little backchat about rugby now…

And the linesmen (or referee’s assistants, as they are now called), luckily the Harrod post protectors did their job at the weekend or the posts might have been damaged!

If you need rugby post protectors, or even rugby posts for all grades from junior through to international standard, please call us on 01242-513251 to discuss your options.

Rugby Results


Sometime in 2015, roundabout early October if I recall correctly, I was bombarded with unsympathetic messages from everyone who knew I loved rugby.
Many of the messages had a distinctly gloating quality to them. Some were downright nasty, suggesting that English rugby was, and I quote, “Dead and buried mate, no hope whatsoever, may as well ditch the team and take up tiddlywinks.”

Well now.  Is that so?

For those of us who kept the faith, England rugby appears to be alive and kicking!
A fantastic match at Twickenham against Wales.

Watching at our local watering hole, we were quite chuffed, nay quietly happy with the first half.
Everything going swimmingly, kept the Welsh to a nice round number, half time pep talk, more of the same after the break.

Oh dear!  Seems the Welsh got a different rocket at half time.  A great charge-down by Biggar and a conversion from under the sticks to light the fires in his team.

With Cole’s sending off, the Welsh changed down a gear and hit the throttle.
14 more points inside 10 minutes, and the English were scared.  Certainly, the atmosphere in the pub was a lot quieter than earlier on in the game.

Edges of seats were gripped and the final whistle was received with more relief than ever before.

Triple Crown done!
One more in Paris in two weeks and the Grand Slam???

We would also like to thank our cousins north of the border for beating the French earlier on Saturday and ensuring England’s victory in the Six Nations Championship regardless of the Grand Slam outcome.

Grimshaw Group as approved by SAPCA



Grimshaw Group is a member of SAPCA – The Sports and Play Construction Association that represents businesses committed to raising the quality standards of all sports, physical activity, recreation and play facilities designed, built and maintained across the UK.

Membership signifies professional competence and performance and as a member you are required to:

• Meet the strict admission criteria
• Construct and install to standards that meet or exceed those detailed in SAPCA Codes of Practice
• Abide by the SAPCA Code of Professional Conduct
• Meet the regular checks on financial stability carried out by Experian

So if you are looking for someone you can trust to carry out Sports Construction in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties then please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Whilst we supply our Sports Equipment nationally.