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Maintaining Your Tennis Court

It goes (almost) without saying that if you look after your tennis court then it will serve you well for many years but of course it is easy to forget to do those little things: Top Tips: Do not pull weeds out of the surface as it could damage the structure, treat with a weedkiller […]

Tennis Court Grit

This semi-loose grit surface is rated by many players as the very best to play on. With the slight give in the surface, it is said that it is like having a well-prepared grass court available for play throughout the year. With a method of construction pioneered by Grimshaw Sports over 50 years ago, 60% […]

Clean Tennis Court

If you have a problem with moss and algae on your court then you can buy Qualgex here. After extensive trials, Grimshaw Maintenance has identified Qualgex as the best product for the surface treatment of hard surface tennis courts and grit tennis courts.   Related articles Tennis Court Moss

How to choose your Rugby Posts

  There are a wide range of rugby posts available varying in height from 5m through to 17m, manufactured from aluminium or steel and erected in traditional sockets or using a hinge system. If you are just looking for something for the garden then we recommend either the 5m Aluminium Mini Rugby Posts or you […]

Ruby Post Damage

We can supply spare parts for rugby posts or replacement half or full sets to suit your existing sockets. We will need to know: The overall height of the posts (obviously much easier to measure on posts that have fallen over). Are the existing posts hinged or straight socketed? Are they steel or aluminium? (will […]

Tennis Court Moss

Qualgex is a moss and algae biocide which is suitable for most hard surfaces including macadam and grit tennis courts.  After extensive trials, Qualgex is the product that we chose for surface treatment and can be purchased here. It is the product that Grimshaw Maintenance use when we are engaged to deep clean hard surface tennis […]

Hinged Rugby Posts

Hinged rugby posts are far safer to erect and take down and if you use a Hinged Post Assembly Roller it is even easier. We recommend using rugby post protectors with all rugby posts but we strongly recommend their use with hinged posts as the hinge mechanism projects beyond the profile of the post.  

Cleaning Your Tennis Court With Qualgex

We use Qualgex to treat moss on courts and recommend it with the following advice: If the moss is thick it will probably need more than one application. A typical 110’ x 54’ “domestic” court is 552m2, a “club size” 114’ x 56’ is 593m2 or a full size 120’ x 60’ is 670m2. 5L of […]

Which Balls do I use in my Tennis Ball Machine

  Non pressurised balls are recommended for use with ball machines as pressurised balls are more likely to create fluff that can clog the machine.      

Mud Glorious Mud

  Sport and mud often go together but here’s something that could help keep things clean Boot Wipers.