Safety and Guidelines

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Grimshaw Group as approved by SAPCA

  Grimshaw Group is a member of SAPCA – The Sports and Play Construction Association that represents businesses committed to raising the quality standards of all sports, physical activity, recreation and play facilities designed, built and maintained across the UK. Membership signifies professional competence and performance and as a member you are required to: • Meet the […]

Ruby Post Damage

We can supply spare parts for rugby posts or replacement half or full sets to suit your existing sockets. We will need to know: The overall height of the posts (obviously much easier to measure on posts that have fallen over). Are the existing posts hinged or straight socketed? Are they steel or aluminium? (will […]

British Standard Sports Equipment

Our Harrod Sports Equipment is not only designed and manufactured in the UK (since 1954) but independently tested to ensure it conforms to the very latest British Standards. Our customers know that quality and safety are top criteria when making purchasing decisions and we are always happy to help you make the best choice to suit […]

Grimshaw Group takes Site Safety Seriously

Managing Director, Russell Grimshaw has just renewed his Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) with flying colours; passing the test with 100% marks and receiving positive feedback on his valuable input during the course. All Grimshaw Site Managers are qualified but as Director for overall responsibility Russell considers it is essential to stay up to […]

What Size Football Goal

With all the various small sided games it can get rather confusing just what size goal is required. The FA break it down as follows: 11-a-side     Under 15 to adult – 7320 ´ 2440mm      Under 11 to under 14 – 6400 ´ 2130mm Mini-soccer     Under 10 – 3660 ´ 1830mm 5-a-side     Senior – 4880 x […]

Safe Volleyball Posts

Volleyball England has banned the use of weighted volleyball posts and the use of posts tensioned by ropes or wires to the floor (indoors). We recommend if you are still using weighted posts that you put in place a schedule of replacment to comply with Volleyball Englands requirements. Playground type posts inserted into large plastic […]

Hinged Rugby Post Adaptors

Rugby post erection can be made a lot easier and safer if the posts are hinged, and if they aren’t then you can now use hinged rugby post adaptors. To make the raising and lowering of your ruby posts a much simpler process have a look at the  Hinged Post Assembly Roller.

Football Size Matters

Did you know that not all football pitches are the same size? They vary between 100–110 m length and 64–75 m width  for international adult matches and for non-international matches 91–120 m length by 45–91 m width, as long as the pitch does not become square! In 2008, the IFAB set a fixed size of 105 m long and 68 m wide as a […]