Rugby Results


Sometime in 2015, roundabout early October if I recall correctly, I was bombarded with unsympathetic messages from everyone who knew I loved rugby.
Many of the messages had a distinctly gloating quality to them. Some were downright nasty, suggesting that English rugby was, and I quote, “Dead and buried mate, no hope whatsoever, may as well ditch the team and take up tiddlywinks.”

Well now.  Is that so?

For those of us who kept the faith, England rugby appears to be alive and kicking!
A fantastic match at Twickenham against Wales.

Watching at our local watering hole, we were quite chuffed, nay quietly happy with the first half.
Everything going swimmingly, kept the Welsh to a nice round number, half time pep talk, more of the same after the break.

Oh dear!  Seems the Welsh got a different rocket at half time.  A great charge-down by Biggar and a conversion from under the sticks to light the fires in his team.

With Cole’s sending off, the Welsh changed down a gear and hit the throttle.
14 more points inside 10 minutes, and the English were scared.  Certainly, the atmosphere in the pub was a lot quieter than earlier on in the game.

Edges of seats were gripped and the final whistle was received with more relief than ever before.

Triple Crown done!
One more in Paris in two weeks and the Grand Slam???

We would also like to thank our cousins north of the border for beating the French earlier on Saturday and ensuring England’s victory in the Six Nations Championship regardless of the Grand Slam outcome.

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