Winchcombe 3G Artificial Pitch

School between Winchcombe and Greet.

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Great news for the 3G Artificial Pitch at Winchcombe School as it has now been approved for use for hockey as well as football.

There had been some controversy over the pitch which met the top specifications for football but the local Hockey team were concerned that they could not use the site for competitive matches.

The  FA provided an essential £500,000 contribution to the pitch and sports hub which also includes a 10sq m dance studio, changing rooms, referee rooms and two new classrooms.

The recent tests by Labosport have  now confirmed that the pitch meets the performance criteria for both sports and as such it is the first 50mm pile 3G pitch approved for both.

Peter Grimshaw, Chairman of Winchcombe School Goveners said:

“We are delighted that after years of meticulous planning both the school and the local community have gained an outstanding facility that will allow far wider utilisation than perhaps any other in the south West.”

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