Hinged Rugby Post Adaptors

Prod-HA-RUG-051diagramRugby post erection can be made a lot easier and safer if the posts are hinged, and if they aren’t then you can now use hinged rugby post adaptors.

To make the raising and lowering of your ruby posts a much simpler process have a look at the  Hinged Post Assembly Roller.

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  1. simon unwin says:

    can you please tell me how to errect non hinged rugby post safely as we onlt have the post and ground socket type my company does not have money to buy new hinges as these are to go into school grounds and can cause a problem

  2. Kerry says:

    We would recommend the Hinged Post Adaptors as the easiest option with the use of post protectors to ensure safety. (The Hinged Post Assembly Roller makes the process even simpler).

    Alternatively there are some basic principals with non hinged post assembly:
    Avoid windy conditions.
    Use mechanical assistance e.g. JCB, Excavator or Telehandler; to lift each post (one at a time) into the vertical position and drop the bottom upright into the socket.
    Using a step ladder at each post, (with the ladder either footed or strapped to the post for safety) and lift the crossbar into position and secure.
    Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times. e.g. Hard hat, steel toe-cap boots, gloves etc.

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