Maintaining Your Tennis Court

It goes (almost) without saying that if you look after your tennis court then it will serve you well for many years but of course it is easy to forget to do those little things:

Top Tips:

Do not pull weeds out of the surface as it could damage the structure, treat with a weedkiller and allow to die back.

Avoid pressure washing moss off your court without treating it first with a suitable treatment such as Qualgex.

Avoid planting large trees close to the court which could create shade and therefore encourage moss growth and also cause damage with their root system.

If you do have leaf fall on the court then remove regularly to avoid the build up of detritus.

When your net is not in use please slacken it off to avoid unnecessary tension on the posts.

If you have tennis windbreaks remember to check they are secure if severe weather is forecast.

Maintain the tennis post winder by applying grease.

If you need additional or replacement equipment then either take a look at our shop or contact us.  If you live in Gloucestershire or the surrounding Counties then we offer Construction and Maintenance services.

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