Ruby Post Damage

We can supply spare parts for rugby posts or replacement half or full sets to suit your existing sockets.

We will need to know:
The overall height of the posts (obviously much easier to measure on posts that have fallen over).
Are the existing posts hinged or straight socketed?
Are they steel or aluminium? (will a magnet “stick” to them or not)
What is the external diameter of the posts and the internal diameter of the sockets?
What is the depth of the sockets / the depth that the posts drop into the sockets?

With this information (and the measurements do need to be accurate) we should be able to identify posts to suit your sockets, from all the UK’s leading manufacturers.

For exposed sites that are prone to strong winds we highly recommend hinged rugby posts, as they are much easier and safer to take down and re-erect if storms are forecast, or if pitches are changed to other sports uses through the seasons. If we can identify the manufacturer, straight socketed posts can be converted to hinged with a hinge adaptor (this will involve cutting the bottom off the existing posts).

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us: we are nice and friendly and have been installing Rugby Posts since 1947, so we’ve learnt a thing or two.

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