Tennis Court Grit

This semi-loose grit surface is rated by many players as the very best to play on. With the slight give in the surface, it is said that it is like having a well-prepared grass court available for play throughout the year.

With a method of construction pioneered by Grimshaw Sports over 50 years ago, 60% of the grit dressing is bonded to the porous surface to provide grip underfoot. The remainder is left loose to provide a slight degree of “slip”.

An excellent surface for private tennis courts with benefit that it can be “adjusted” to suit your style of play as the proportion of loose grit changes the speed of the play, height of bounce and degree of slip.

Now is a good time to top up your court. The grit eventually becomes too rounded with use and needs to be replaced with fresh angular stones.

These stones are quarried in Wales then shipped to a specialist processor where they are crushed, screened to the required size, washed, dried and bagged then sent on to our warehouse.

Known as ‘Gra Green Grit’ and ‘Grey Green Grit’ simply because of the colour differentiation when wet and dry.  Available here.

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  1. Bobby says:


    How much grit is required for a standard tennis court if I clear off all the old grit?


  2. Kerry says:

    Dear Bobby,

    In terms of loose grit between 20 and 40 bags, the more grit you use increases the amount of slide. If you would like to discuss it further then please don’t hesitate to give us a bell.

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