Tennis Court Moss

Qualgex is a moss and algae biocide which is suitable for most hard surfaces including macadam and grit tennis courts.  After extensive trials, Qualgex is the product that we chose for surface treatment and can be purchased here.

It is the product that Grimshaw Maintenance use when we are engaged to deep clean hard surface tennis courts.  In Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties we offer an additional deep cleaning service with our Grime Buster which uses high pressure water and a vacuum system to loosen the dirt in the tennis court matrix before lifting the dirt out.

Qualgex Biocide helps prevent regrowth of moss and algae within the court and whilst large clumps of moss may require a second treatment in order to get the product down to kill the lowest levels of the moss, most smaller moss and algal outbreaks can be hit with one application.  Qualgex is one of the strongest products on the market and is fully registered with the Health & Safety Executive.

All chemicals should only be used in full compliance with their safety instructions and recommendations.

Please contact us to discuss Qualgex Biocide sales and shipping or other Tennis Court Maintenance.

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