A Good Weekend’s Rugby


Twickenham’s game certainly looked to be the pick of the weekend’s Six Nations Rugby.  With England’s victory over Ireland, they only need to beat Wales for the Triple Crown.  Of course, beating France at the Stade de France in Paris would be the icing on the cake, and would mean that England would take home all of the silverware this year with a Grand Slam.  Italy put up a good fight against Scotland, with 56 points in the game, and the Wales-France game seemed to be Wales’ to lose, rather than France’s to win.

At Twickenham, Owen Farrell’s penalty kick which went the wrong side of the post and rubbed the paintwork off some Harrod rugby posts.  They are the Millennium rugby posts, 17m tall hinged aluminium posts with steel sockets set into the ground.  These posts have been installed at Twickenham, The Millennium Stadium, Wembley, Murrayfield and AVIVA Dublin.

If your posts do need repainting then it is not as difficult as it sounds if they are hinged posts.  Simply lower the posts to ground level with either a roller bar mounted on the back of a groundsman’s tractor or a post lifter that mounts on the tractors’ 3 point linkage.  Give them a lick of paint, raise them up, bolt them down and you are good to go again.

If you need some Millennium rugby posts, or perhaps something a little smaller, please give us a ring on 01242-513251 and we will be happy to talk with you.

Go England!


Ruby Post Damage


With the latest “named” storm, “Imogen”, to hit the UK, inevitably some Rugby posts will have failed / collapsed.

We can supply spare parts for posts (we will really need to be able to identify the manufacturer to do that) or replacement half or full sets to suit your existing sockets.

We will need to know:
The overall height of the posts (obviously much easier to measure on posts that have fallen over).
Are the existing posts hinged or straight socketed?
Are they steel or aluminium? (will a magnet “stick” to them or not)
What is the external diameter of the posts and the internal diameter of the sockets?
What is the depth of the sockets / the depth that the posts drop into the sockets?

With this information (and the measurements do need to be accurate) we should be able to identify posts to suit your sockets, from all the UK’s leading manufacturers.

For exposed sites that are prone to strong winds we highly recommend hinged rugby posts, as they are much easier and safer to take down and re-erect if storms are forecast, or if pitches are changed to other sports uses through the seasons. If we can identify the manufacturer, straight socketed posts can be converted to hinged with a hinge adaptor (this will involve cutting the bottom off the existing posts).

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us: we are nice and friendly and have been installing Rugby Posts since 1947, so we’ve learnt a thing or two.

Tennis Court Moss

With the Met Office reporting record amounts of rainfall throughout Winter 2015/16, and temperatures 0.9C above the long-term average, we are seeing unseasonally large sales of Qualgex Biocide.  The temperature and rainfall combination is boosting moss and algae growth across hard surface tennis courts and other hard surfaces.

Qualgex is a moss and algae biocide which is suitable for most hard surfaces including macadam and grit tennis courts.  After extensive trials, Qualgex is the product that we chose for surface treatment.

It is the product that Grimshaw Maintenance use when we are engaged to deep clean hard surface tennis courts.  In Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties we offer an additional deep cleaning service with our Grime Buster which uses high pressure water and a vacuum system to loosen the dirt in the tennis court matrix before lifting the dirt out.

Qualgex Biocide helps prevent regrowth of moss and algae within the court and whilst large clumps of moss may require a second treatment in order to get the product down to kill the lowest levels of the moss, most smaller moss and algal outbreaks can be hit with one application.  Qualgex is one of the strongest products on the market and is fully registered with the Health & Safety Executive.

All chemicals should only be used in full compliance with their safety instructions and recommendations.

Please contact us to discuss Qualgex Biocide sales and shipping or other Tennis Court Maintenance.

Rugby Post Bargains

Single Rugby Goal Posts

The Six Nations has kicked off, with wins for France and England, losses for Italy and Scotland, and a draw between Wales and Ireland.
Most pundits had Ireland slightly ahead, but the game stagnated in mid-field and no-one could break the line to set up the winning points.

To celebrate the start of the 2016 Six Nations Championship, Grimshaw Sports are running a Rugby Post Promotion.
Harrods Rugby posts are now on offer at fantastic discounted prices for the duration of the Championship.

So if you need posts for your club, school or even your own garden (and we can sell half sets), please look here or give us a ring on 01242 513251 (we also offer a price match service).

Rugby Post Sale

t-HA-RUG-008-Steel-Rugby-postsLooking for Rugby Posts then take a look at ours.  We have an extensive range of quality posts at very competitive prices.

If you are not sure which rugby posts best suit your requirements then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking for Christmas Ideas

Merry Christmas


If you fancy getting something a little different then how about one of the following:

Combined Football / Rugby Posts – light and easy to assemble

Tennis Ball Machine – a great way to improve your skills

Mini Hockey Goal – perfect training aid for small sided games or target practice

Garden Netball Set – a freestanding netball post, ring, net and plastic base easy to assemble and dismantle

Mini Rugby Post – available as a single

Personal Sports Radar – ideal for tennis but can also be used for squash, golf, football, hockey, cricket etc.

Portable Volleyball Set – can be completely assembled by two people in less than ten minutes suitable for grass or sand

Tennis Umpires Chair – for the tennis court or the Christmas dinner table!


Rugby Post Sale – Grab Quality Products at Great Prices


Harrod-rugby-post-saleWe are now offering the full range of Harrod Rugby Posts at great prices so simply order on-line or feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sports Equipment Autumn Sale Now On



Grimshaw Sports always aims to provide quality sports equipment at great prices and we can now announce that our Autumn Sale has just started.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t see what you want and we will be happy to advise you.

Hinged Rugby Posts


Hinged rugby posts are far safer to erect and take down and if you use a Hinged Post Assembly Roller it is even easier.

We recommend using rugby post protectors with all rugby posts but we strongly recommend their use with hinged posts as the hinge mechanism projects beyond the profile of the post.


Cleaning Your Tennis Court With Qualgex



We use Qualgex to treat moss on courts and recommend it with the following advice:

If the moss is thick it will probably need more than one application.

A typical 110’ x 54’ “domestic” court is 552m2, a “club size” 114’ x 56’ is 593m2 or a full size 120’ x 60’ is 670m2.

5L of Qualgex will treat 500m2, so is usually just about enough to treat a domestic court for algae and some moss.

It will work on damp (but best not to be saturated, ie immediately after rain) moss. The moss needs to be actively growing, so we don’t apply it unless the temperature for the day is going to stay above 6°C.

Make sure your equipment is thoroughly rinsed out from any weed killer as it reacts with any glyphosate based weed killer and forms a “goo” that blocks up the sprayer.