Hinged Rugby Posts


Hinged rugby posts are far safer to erect and take down and if you use a Hinged Post Assembly Roller it is even easier.

We recommend using rugby post protectors with all rugby posts but we strongly recommend their use with hinged posts as the hinge mechanism projects beyond the profile of the post.


Cleaning Your Tennis Court With Qualgex


We use Qualgex to treat moss on courts and recommend it with the following advice:

If the moss is thick it will probably need more than one application.

A typical 110’ x 54’ “domestic” court is 552m2, a “club size” 114’ x 56’ is 593m2 or a full size 120’ x 60’ is 670m2.

5L of Qualgex will treat 500m2, so is usually just about enough to treat a domestic court for algae and some moss.

It will work on damp (but best not to be saturated, ie immediately after rain) moss. The moss needs to be actively growing, so we don’t apply it unless the temperature for the day is going to stay above 6°C.

Make sure your equipment is thoroughly rinsed out from any weed killer as it reacts with any glyphosate based weed killer and forms a “goo” that blocks up the sprayer.

Which Balls do I use in my Tennis Ball Machine


Non pressurised balls are recommended for use with ball machines as pressurised balls are more likely to create fluff that can clog the machine.




British Standard Sports Equipment

Our Harrod Sports Equipment is not only designed and manufactured in the UK (since 1954) but independently tested to ensure it conforms to the very latest British Standards.

Our customers know that quality and safety are top criteria when making purchasing decisions and we are always happy to help you make the best choice to suit your requirements.


Grimshaws Going to Buckingham Palace

Well I never, Peter and Diana Grimshaw (Grimshaw Group Company Directors) have just been invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.   Peter has been recommended for making a major contribution to life in the local community.

Three Royal Garden Parties are held at Buckingham Palace every year and about 8000 people attend each party.  Apparently at a typical garden party, around 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are consumed.

Ps. Just wondering if they might need a new tennis court!!

Customer Feedback

Grimshaw Sports Shop

Grimshaw Sports Shop (Photo credit: Grimshaw Group)

It really is lovely to get feedback like this:

“Many thanks for the invoice and the excellent service you have provided.  The post was delivered to my home this morning and my daughter is delighted with it.  Thanks again for arranging the re-delivery and I will not hesitate to return should I need anything else from yourselves.”

Mud Glorious Mud


Sport and mud often go together but here’s something that could help keep things clean Boot Wipers.





Cleaning Moss on Tennis Court Warning

Moss Treatment for Tennis Courts

Please remember that it is unwise to use an iron (ferrous) based weed or moss killer on your tennis court.

The end result can be that your court becomes marked with rust stains which are very difficult to remove.

We recommend a product called Qualgex for use on all tennis courts apart from natural grass.


Sports Team Shelters


We have an extensive range of Sports Shelters designed and manufactured in the UK, available in aluminium or fibreglass.

We also offer bespoke team colours.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Peter Grimshaw Appointed Chairman of Sports and Play Foundation

We are very pleased to announce that our Chairman Peter Grimshaw has now also taken on the role of Chairman of SAPCA’s (Sports and Play Construction Association) Educational Charity.

At a time when the Construction Industry has been steadily losing people as it struggles through the recession, it is essential that the specialist knowledge achieved through years of experience is not lost and we maintain a solid skills base for the future.

A highly-skilled workforce is essential to the delivery of high quality sports and play facilities, and in challenging financial times clients need to know they are spending money on a quality project fit for purpose.

Peter certainly has the relevant experience and is looking forward to the opportunity of re-investing his knowledge in the development and promotion of new training and qualifications for the industry.