Tennis Court Grit

  This semi-loose grit surface is rated by many players as the very best to play on. With the slight give in the surface, it is said that it is like having a well-prepared grass court available for play throughout the year. With a method of construction pioneered by Grimshaw Sports over 50 years ago, […]

Tennis Court Moss

With the Met Office reporting record amounts of rainfall throughout Winter 2015/16, and temperatures 0.9C above the long-term average, we are seeing unseasonally large sales of Qualgex Biocide.  The temperature and rainfall combination is boosting moss and algae growth across hard surface tennis courts and other hard surfaces. Qualgex is a moss and algae biocide […]

Buy Sports Court Sand

Artificial grass tennis and sports courts with a sand infill require a regular top up. We now supply the specialist sports sand that we use when constructing and maintaining courts, in handy 25kg bags for dressing artificial surfaces. If you require advice on quantities please do not hesitate to contact us. Related articles New Grass […]

Grimshaw Tennis Offer

Whether you are a club or school looking for equipment for a block of tennis courts or an individual needing a selection of products then we do offer Bespoke Package Deals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Related articles New Tennis Posts, Sockets and Nets ( Tennis Court Grit ( Grimshaw Group win Civic […]

Tennis Court Maintenance

Image via Wikipedia Now Autumn is here it is really worth making sure that any falling leaves are removed from your tennis court.  If they are given the chance to rot then this will clog the surface and encourage moss growth. When you are not playing then leave the tennis net loose but restrain the […]