Tennis Court Grit

  This semi-loose grit surface is rated by many players as the very best to play on. With the slight give in the surface, it is said that it is like having a well-prepared grass court available for play throughout the year. With a method of construction pioneered by Grimshaw Sports over 50 years ago, […]

Clean Tennis Court

  If you have a problem with moss and algae on your court then you can buy Qualgex here. After extensive trials, Grimshaw Maintenance has identified Qualgex as the best product for the surface treatment of hard surface tennis courts and grit tennis courts.   Related articles Tennis Court Moss

Trying to Keep Your Sports Court Clean

Having just experienced one of the muddiest seasons for a long while it is well worth considering taking action to prevent mud being repeatedly walked on to your court. Boot Wipers are not only used to stop mud being tramped into changing rooms but can be placed at the entrance to your artificial sports surface […]

Water Court Surfaces

To mark the start of the Sony Ericsson Open  in Miami the tournament hosted the world’s first ever game of tennis on water. Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, took to a custom-made court to at the top of the new Gansevoort South Hotel. The water-covered court was constructed in the 110ft swimming pool set in the […]

Tennis Court Spring Clean

There is a direct relationship between how clean a tennis court is kept and the ultimate lifespan of the surface. Leaves, fluff from tennis balls etc. should not be left on the surface for any length of time as when they break down it encourages the growth of algae and moss. A garden blower/vac can […]