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Discounts Available for Sports Equipment Damaged by Floods 0

If you have had the misfortune of the recent floods and storms causing damage to your sports equipment then we are offering our customers a discount option.  Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

It is also worth noting that Sport England is offering an Emergency Relief Flood Fund for sports clubs and community sports facilities.

  • Kerry Grimshaw
About Grimshaw Sports

About Grimshaw Sports 0

Our background is in Civil Engineering and Sports Construction so we come from the view point of making things to last and designed to suit the varied needs of our clients. Our Sports Construction Division has been operating in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties since 1947 so we have a vast knowledge of sports equipment.

We are still a family owned and run business with a highly experienced team who cares about providing excellent customer care that is both knowledgeable and friendly. The company has our name on it and we love the fact that we have many repeat customers.

Moss On Your Tennis Court 0

Perfect for keeping your court looking good and avoiding any potential weed damage. Qualgex can be used to treat algae, moss and lichen on external hard surfaces including artificial sports surfaces, patios, tarmac, headstones and concrete paths. It also has a cleaning action which brightens the surface.
  • Adrian Wherrett
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Grimshaw Sports Construction Services

Grimshaw Sports Construction Services 0

Established in 1947 Grimshaw Construction has a formidable reputation for quality.  Our Construction and Civil Engineering services are available in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties enabling us to use our own labour force and direct management support.


Which Lobster Tennis Ball Machine 0

If you need help deciding which Lobster Ball Machine best suits your requirements then please contact us.

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How to Lift Hinged Rugby Posts Safely 0

We supply three different types of Hinged Ruby Post Lifters two of which require the use of a tractor.  If you are unsure which suits you best then please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


The Hinged Post Assembly Roller allows users to safely erect and dismantle a set of hinged posts in a controlled manner. Designed to be mounted onto an appropriate tractor roll bar using two heavy duty 'U' bolt brackets. The upright rolls along the device allowing easy installation and dismantling in a controlled manner before being lifted off by a suitable number of persons (the tractor must ideally be fitted with an angled or adjustable roll bar, brackets will fit up to a 76mm square bar).  View video here...


The hinged rugby post lifter system is designed to enable the safe installation and dismantling of our hinged rugby posts. This device should be used with an appropriate tractor to allow the upright to move along the rollers in a controlled manner. A minimum of two people should oversee the process.  View video here...



This winched rugby post lifter system is designed to enable safe installation and dismantling of our hinged rugby posts. This device is used primarily for hinged Millenium Rugby and Aluminium Rugby Posts. This new design allows for groundsmen to raise their hinged rugby posts without the need for a tractor or other motorised vehicle. The post is raised using a 650kg winch and 6mm galavanised wire rope, working in conjunction with a pulley system.  View video here...

  • Kerry Grimshaw
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Football Goal Post Safety 0

football goal post safety

Goal post safety is something we take seriously and only supply goals that meet all the relevant safety standards. It is also essential that anyone who purchases a goal considers the safety implications.

  • Kerry Grimshaw
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Choosing your Football Net

Choosing your Football Net 0

standard football netstraight back football netbox football net

There are three principle profiles within the world of football nets: Standard, Straight Back or Box.

  • Dan Norman
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