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Cricket on your Tennis Court?


Look at this for an excellent idea - a folding cricket cage which can be used to make your tennis court multi-use!

Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like to discuss your options.

New Qualgex Pro

The best seller Qualgex Surface Biocide is now available with double the quantity of active ingredients.  Qualgex Pro is excellent for killling moss and algae on Tennis Courts and other hard / artificial surfaces (not natural turf).  In stock now and ready for next day shipping.

  • Russell Grimshaw
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Moss On Your Tennis Court

Perfect for keeping your court looking good and avoiding any potential weed damage. Qualgex can be used to treat algae, moss and lichen on external hard surfaces including artificial sports surfaces, patios, tarmac, headstones and concrete paths. It also has a cleaning action which brightens the surface.
  • Adrian Wherrett
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Which Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

If you need help deciding which Lobster Ball Machine best suits your requirements then please contact us.

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  • Kerry Grimshaw
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Tennis Court Grit

grit for tennis courts

An excellent surface for private tennis courts with benefit that it can be “adjusted” to suit your style of play as the proportion of loose grit changes the speed of the play, height of bounce and degree of slip. It is also kinder on the knees!

  • Kerry Grimshaw
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Best Product for Cleaning Tennis Courts

removing moss on tennis courts

Extensive trials identify Qualgex as the best product to clean hard surface tennis courts.

  • Kerry Grimshaw
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