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Moss On Your Tennis Court

Moss On Your Tennis Court

Sports Court Moss Killer.

Perfect for keeping your court looking good and avoiding any potential weed damage. Qualgex can be used to treat algae, moss and lichen on external hard surfaces including artificial sports surfaces, patios, tarmac, headstones and concrete paths. It also has a cleaning action which brightens the surface.

A fully registered HSE biocide containing citric acid and penetrant to aid efficacy.
Highly active and long lasting product and rapid acting, results seen within 48 hours. Effective against all types of algae, Moss and lichen but not suitable for use on grass and turf.

Qualgex can be used at any time of year (as long as temperatures are above 6 degrees C to a wide variety of external hard surfaces. It can be applied by brush, mop or surface spray and is ideally used when the algae/moss/lichen is actively growing and conditions are moist.
It is essential surfaces to be cleaned are thoroughly wetted with the product. With many of the cushion mosses a second treatment may be necessary. Please read product label before use.

Pack size - 5 litre bottle. Pack coverage - 500m².

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  • Russell Grimshaw