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How To Choose Your Rugby Posts

How To Choose Your Rugby Posts

There are a wide range of rugby posts available varying in height from 5m through to 17m, manufactured from aluminium or steel and erected in traditional sockets or using a hinge system and it can be rather daunting to identify the best posts to suit your requirements.

If you are just looking for something for the garden then we recommend either the 5m Aluminium Mini Rugby Posts or you would like a combined rugby and football goal then either the Mini Aluminium Gaelic Supergoal available in sizes 3m x 1.83m or 3.66m x 1.83m or the Samba combined Football/Rugby posts. All of these can be purchased as a single goal.

Larger combination Football/Rugby posts that are suitable for use on sports fields where space is at a premium are also available (HA-FBL-235 senior) or (HA-FBL-236 junior).

When it comes to height, as a general guide 6m, 7m and 9m rugby posts are suitable for schools and junior level club rugby. 10m and 11m are standard club goals. 12m and 13m are premier club level goals and 17m are the ultimate posts. 17m Hinged Millennium Rugby Posts are installed at prestigious venues such as Twickenham, Murrayfield and the Aviva Stadium. Basically the taller the uprights the easier it is to judge whether or not the ball has passed between the posts.

All rugby goals can be purchased singularly and spare/replacement uprights, crossbars, sockets and drop-in-lids are available.

When it comes to deciding whether to go for steel or aluminium rugby posts then the main points to consider are:
– Steel rugby posts tend to cost less than aluminium.
– Aluminium rugby posts are lighter than steel so are easier to install and handle.
– Aluminium has a higher scrap value which can make it more liable to theft.
– Aluminium posts are easier to maintain especially in coastal areas as they are inherently corrosion resistant.

The final consideration is whether to choose socketed or hinged posts.

Socketed posts are the ‘traditional’ type of rugby posts, with the upright sitting directly into the ground socket. The erecting and dismantling of socketed rugby posts should only be undertaken by a suitable number of professionals.

A hinged fixing option enables a safer and easier installation, allowing the posts to be erected and lowered in a slower, more controlled manner. If you already have socketed posts then Hinge Adaptors can be used in order to convert them into hinged posts – please contact us at Grimshaw Sports for details.

To make the process even easier for hinged rugby posts, we offer either a Hinged Post Assembly Roller designed to be mounted onto an appropriate tractor roll bar using two heavy duty ‘U’ bolt brackets or a Hinged Rugby Post Lifter which can be fitted on either side of a tractor using the 3-point linkage.  Rugby posts should be lowered to protect them from damage / failure by high winds.

When installing rugby posts, great care should be taken to ensure that sockets are held firmly in place with an appropriate size concrete foundation, as specified by the post manufacturer.

All rugby posts should have post protectors fitted to each upright but this is especially so with hinged posts, as the hinge plate projects beyond the post at ground level. They can be made to suit your specific requirements and can be screen printed with sponsor’s or club name.

Additional items available include, Rugby Platforms, Hinge Security Bolts, Corner flags, Line Marking Machines and Paint.

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