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How to Lift Hinged Rugby Posts Safely

We supply three different types of Hinged Ruby Post Lifters two of which require the use of a tractor.  If you are unsure which suits you best then please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


The Hinged Post Assembly Roller allows users to safely erect and dismantle a set of hinged posts in a controlled manner. Designed to be mounted onto an appropriate tractor roll bar using two heavy duty 'U' bolt brackets. The upright rolls along the device allowing easy installation and dismantling in a controlled manner before being lifted off by a suitable number of persons (the tractor must ideally be fitted with an angled or adjustable roll bar, brackets will fit up to a 76mm square bar).  View video here...


The hinged rugby post lifter system is designed to enable the safe installation and dismantling of our hinged rugby posts. This device should be used with an appropriate tractor to allow the upright to move along the rollers in a controlled manner. A minimum of two people should oversee the process.  View video here...



This winched rugby post lifter system is designed to enable safe installation and dismantling of our hinged rugby posts. This device is used primarily for hinged Millenium Rugby and Aluminium Rugby Posts. This new design allows for groundsmen to raise their hinged rugby posts without the need for a tractor or other motorised vehicle. The post is raised using a 650kg winch and 6mm galavanised wire rope, working in conjunction with a pulley system.  View video here...

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How To Choose Your Rugby Posts

choosing rugby posts

There are a wide range of rugby posts available varying in height from 5m through to 17m, manufactured from aluminium or steel and erected in traditional sockets or using a hinge system and it can be rather daunting to identify the best posts to suit your requirements.

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