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Football Goal Post Safety

Football Goal Post Safety

Goal post safety is something we take seriously and only supply goals that meet all the relevant safety standards.  It is also essential that anyone who purchases a goal considers the safety implications.

Main safety considerations -

All full-size, free-standing goals for sports such as football (and hockey) must be firmly anchored throughout their use.

All free-standing goals are stored safely i.e. If stored against a wall or fence they must be securely attached so they cannot fall over.

All socket type goals are cemented into the ground.

All equipment is checked before it is used to ensure it is safe and it has not been tampered with or vandalised.

It is also important to point out that the use of steel cup net hooks has been banned by the FA since 2007.

For more details information please take a look at the British Standard (BS) 8461 code of practice  FA Goal Post Safety

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  • Kerry Grimshaw